The New Orleans Westbank birthed a female fireball - 504icygrl. Growing up in The Jefferson Parish Library, 504icygrl became a skilled writer at a very young age. Moving out to Los Angeles alone in 2018, 504icygrl began writing more than just short stories. Music became a passion and the studio became her new library. Since then, 504icygrl has caught the attention of many notable publications such as OkayPlayer (twice!), Nobells, and local legendary publications such as OffBeat Magazine and WWLTV. Along with music, 504icygrl also built her own label, fashion brand, and cannabis brand. Her music tells her story of hard work as a woman entrepreneur and artist, always flowing with confident and bouncy lyricism. In 2022, 504icygrl has booked her first major festival, BUKU Festival (in New Orleans), dropped her 3rd EP “Princess Diaries”, curated her first nationwide tour, The Princess Diaries Tour, and landed major sync licensing placements, establishing a prominent career for the young artist.